What is the difference between a lifting platform and a lifting freight elevator?

There are many types of lifting machinery and equipment, which are divided into a fixed type, mobile type, scissor type, rail type, chain type, traction type, loading and unloading platform. Due to the wide customer base of elevators. Many customers have doubts. It seems that the two devices are comparable. Why is this called the lifting platform and the other one is called the lifting freight elevator? What represents the difference between the lifting platform and the lifting freight elevator? The following sets out the difference between the two by the lift manufacturer – Dongguan Huanan Junye Xiaobian.

What represents the difference between a lift freight elevator and a lifting platform? In the lifting industry, the two products are usually the same, but the lifting freight elevator includes a relatively thick surface, and the lifting platform has a relatively narrow meaning. Many people think that the lift freight elevator and the lifting platform are just two kinds of names, which can be said to refer to the same type of equipment, but because the two arguments are widely pointed, the understanding in the industry is clear, and the customers are confused. The more professional explanation for the lifting machinery industry is that the lifting freight elevator is a closed or semi-closed platform that carries people or goods up and down in vertical up and down channels. Literally, there are various types of lift freight elevators, such as elevators for goods, construction lifts, hydraulic lift freight elevators, and elevators. The lifting platform refers to a multifunctional loading and unloading device, a hydraulic lifting platform, which also includes an elevator, but in the crane lifting equipment, such as a scissor lifting platform and a small lifting platform is all lifting platforms.

Whether you are buying a lifting platform or a lifting freight elevator, you have to choose the lifting equipment that suits you, so that you will be comfortable in your daily work.

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