Which is better for ball linear bearings and oil bearings?

This issue is under a statutory design basis. If you can slightly modify or improve the design of the frame mechanism, the rest can be chosen according to the technical standards of the bearing.
Ball bearings are far more resistant to shaft speed and reversibility than oil-bearing bearings. Oil-bearing bearings are similar to bearing bushings and cannot carry high speed. But allow for strong loads and couples. I can’t see your machinery. Structure can only be analyzed like this.
In addition, the design of the bearing installation structure should consider the concentricity of the bearing seat, coaxial, point line vertical relationship, the reference surface must take appropriate gold processing, otherwise, please use the GB/T197-1994 national standard cone tweezers Bearing. If the height is guaranteed but not equal, the bearing seat mounting hole can be intended to be a waist hole, which can be adjusted slightly during installation.

SC12LUU SCS12LUU 12mm long type Linear Ball Bearing Block CNC Router

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