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What is PCB drilling

PCB drilling is a work of PCB plate making and a very important step. Mainly to punch the board, need to make a line, you need to make a hole, the structure needs, make a hole to do what; the multi-layer board punch is not finished once, some holes are buried in the circuit board, some are in The board was opened above, so there will be one drill and two drills.

PCB drill bits are mainly used in PCB manufacturing:
(PCB, Printed circuit board) printed circuit board,
It is composed of several layers of resin material bonded together, and the inside is made of copper foil. There are four, 6, and 8 layers.
Drilling accounts for 30-40% of the cost of printed circuit boards. Special equipment and drill bits are often required for mass production.

Good PCB drill bits are made of high quality hard alloy materials with superior rigidity, high hole position accuracy, good hole wall quality and long life.

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