The difference between permanent magnet brushless motor and spindle motor

The spindle motor is known as the electric spindle. The electric spindle is another technology that integrates the machine tool spindle and the spindle motor. The rotor of the motor directly acts as the spindle of the machine tool, thus eliminating the huge machine gearbox. This is why the motor is called the spindle motor. . It gets the advantages of high speed, high precision and low noise. In CNC machine tools, the electric spindle usually adopts the frequency conversion speed regulation method, and also uses the vector control drive speed control mode. Although the spindle motor is the same as the variable frequency motor in principle, it has unique design features in terms of manufacturing precision, structure, speed, and cooling.

The permanent magnet brush less motor can be regarded as a DC motor that replaces the mechanical brush commutator with electronic commutation, which overcomes the shortcomings of the commutation spark caused by the mechanical reversing device of the DC motor, and has low reliability and operation. High efficiency, small size and lightweight.

The spindle motor is generally a medium-sized motor, and the permanent magnet brush less motor is mostly small and miniature.

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