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Single-slot rotary cymbal and double-slot rotary cymbal, which is suitable for wood carving

Both are indispensable tools for wood carving. Not which file is adapted for wood carving, but which file is suitable for your carving. Single slot rotary file is characterized by flexibility, but it is not easy to control the balance. Double-slot rotary file is better balanced than single-slot rotary file.

16*16*30H-(2+2)Z Diamond two flute spiral CNC router bits/ Milling cutter / woodworking bits/cutter/end mill, for MDF,Plywood

  • Diamond straight router bits
  • Wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, resistant to corrosion.
  • Application: MDF , Plywood, Formica Compact, Laminated board, wood
  • Body: Diamond
  • Good Design , Smooth Cuts, Long tool life

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