How to maintain the dust cover of the engraving machine

Engraving Machine Dust Cover

Maintenance method of the protective cover in the engraving machine: At present, the XY axis of most engraving machines adopts a dust cover, which not only effectively protects the guide rail and transmission parts of the engraving machine, but also designs the appearance of the engraving machine Played a great beautification. For the use of the engraving machine cover, daily maintenance is an indispensable step for the best working conditions. It can reduce the accident and extend the service life of the protective cover, so for each machine or In the mechanical processing factory, daily maintenance is the top priority of the work, then what kind of work is mainly done in daily maintenance, the contents of daily maintenance mainly include the following aspects.

Daily inspection
Check the surface of the X and Z axes on the surface, remove all kinds of cutting laser design debris and other defects on the surface, prevent the accumulation of debris, check whether the running track meets the lubrication requirements, and prevent the lubricating oil from being impaired. The damage caused by the huge friction, see if the surface is very smooth, with or without scratches, as the basis for early detection, these problems are best repeated before the afternoon of work, these tasks are the focus of the day, I hope to attract everyone’s attention.

Regularly checked content
Mainly the inspection of the screw guard to prevent dust and abrasive particles from adhering to the surface of the screw. If these things exist, it will affect the service life of the lead screw and the accuracy of the work, resulting in product failure if the inspection process The damage of the screw guard cover is found, and it should be made good in time. When the damage is determined, it should be replaced in time.

The development and implementation of these tasks can fully play the role of the engraving machine shield to reduce the occurrence of faults.

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