What types of grinders are there?

The main types of grinders are disc grinders, rotary grinders and various special grinders.

1. Disc grinding machine
It is divided into a single disc and double disc. It is the most common application of dual disc grinder. In a dual disc grinder, a plurality of workpieces are simultaneously placed in a cage between the upper and lower grinding discs, and the cage and the workpiece are moved in parallel by an eccentric or planetary mechanism belt action plane. The lower grinding disc rotates, and the upper grinding disc parallel thereto can be rotated or reversely rotated with the lower grinding disc, and can be transferred up and down to press the workpiece (pressure adjustable). In addition, the upper grinding disc can be rotated by an angle with the rocker arm on the column to load and unload the workpiece.
The twin disc grinder is mainly used for processing two parallel faces, one plane (additional accessories for pressing the workpiece), the outer cylindrical surface and the spherical surface (using a grinding disc with a V-groove). When machining the outer cylindrical surface, since the workpiece needs to be slid and rolled, the retainer hole groove type and arrangement angle must be properly selected. The single disc grinding machine has only one lower grinding disc for grinding the lower plane of the workpiece, so that the workpieces of different shapes and sizes can be treated in the same plate, and the grinding precision is high. Some grinders also have a mechanism that automatically corrects the grinding disc during the grinding process.

2, shaft grinding machine
The main shaft or the lap (adjustable grinding ring or grinding rod) is rotated by the main shaft rotating in the forward and reverse directions, and the structure is relatively simple, and is utilized to grinding the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces.

3, special grinding machine
There are center hole grinders, steel ball grinders, and gear grinders depending on the workpiece to be done polished. In addition, there is a center less grinding machine that uses a similar center less grinding principle for grinding cylindrical workpieces.

4, three-roll mill
Main uses and performance characteristics:
The three-roll mill is a wet grinding and pulverizing machine widely used in the chemical industry of paints, coatings, dyes, inks, plastic, leather, rubber, lead, medicine, food, cosmetics and insulating materials. The machine has to crush, dispersing, Emulsifying, homogenizing, coloring, recycling waste and other functions, widely used in scientific research, testing, formulation and crushing micro-commissioning production.
The principal components of the machine are three rolls, which are strengthened and protected by Cr12 steel. The wear resistance is up to HRC52°-58, and the surface hardness can reach 0.2-0.1. The machine is easy to operate, painless to change color, beautiful appearance and noise. Low, price concessions, is used for the grinding of various materials.

Structural components: This machine is mainly composed of (1) body (2) electrical switch (3) discharge plate (4) roll (5) baffle plate (6) adjustment system (7) transmission system (8) motor. A total of eight components.

Working principle: the raw material is aided by the natural hopper composed of the middle and rear two rolls and two baffles. After the opposite and asynchronous rotation of the middle and rear sets, the raw material is turned sharply, shearing and destroying the organizational stress surface between the raw material molecules. The pulverization is carried out by the secondary grinding of the high-speed in the middle and the front, thereby achieving high speed uniform mixing of diverse raw materials.

5, automatic grinding machine

1. The automatic grinding machine is a high speed grinding machine and a precision grinding machine. The cloth belt is used, and the electric appliance is sprayed with Japanese and spring, Fuji, and the whole machine, and the color is the color of the computer.
2. The guide rail is a Taiwan linear guide.
3, scraping rubber adopts the card lock design, which can adjust the deformation scraping rubber to ensure the grinding quality.
4. This automatic grinding machine, high speed grinding machine, precision grinding machine can be used for mechanical scraper and manual scraper grinding.
5、Special grinding wheel design, the grinding cloth belt has no pressure feeling, the squeegee is not deformed, and there is no corrugation phenomenon to assure the grinding precision.
6. Grinding angle to match the performance of various special printing.
7. The grinding machine is provided with a dust washing device, which can reduce industrial pollution and is beneficial to the health of the staff and the maintenance of the equipment.
8, automatic grinding machine, high-speed grinding machine, precision grinding machine is easy to operate. No professional technology can be operated.

This mini grinding wheel is handy replacement wheel for the bench grinder with flex shaft.

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