What tools can be used to quickly cut the cable?

Can be used with professional cable cutters

The cable cutter is a cutting pliers designed specifically for cutting cables. The two blades are interlaced and can be opened and closed. Cable cutters are large scissors that are designed using the “lever principle” and “pressure is inversely proportional to the area”. In order to enhance the strength and convenience of cable cutters, cable cutters have developed ratchet cable cutters from traditional manual cable cutters, and hydraulic cable cutters, electro-hydraulic cable cutters, and all-electric cable cutters have emerged.

Cable cutters are suitable for high-voltage PE, IV cable, telephone lines, and cut off quickly;

Cable shear high carbon steel tungsten alloy steel blade, durable, heat treatment hardness HRC65;

The cable cutter can be fitted with any manual pump or electric pump.

Split cable cutter

Multi Functional Electrical Wire Cable Cutters Pliers are precision forged from high-quality steel. They are quenched. The handles are made of ergonomic soft plastic. They are compact and lightweight. They are easy to operate and comfortable to use. They are especially suitable for cutting wires, electronic feet and trimming plastics. Pieces, cutting small metal wires. Suitable for electronics industry, repair, jewelry processing, model making and fishing!

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