What is the difference between the engraving machine er11a collet and the er11b collet?

The clamp of engraving machine is also called ER clamp for numerical control engraving machine. Its main function is to fix and install the tool head of engraving machine, so that it can reduce vibration in high-speed rotating motion without swing, so as to engrave with high precision.

The er11A type collet and the B type collet are not universal.
1. There is a slot on the top of the type A chuck, and the type B does not.
2, er11A type nut is 6 ribs, B type is 2 ribs
3, A nut has a clip inside, it is just stuck in the groove of the chuck, but the nut thread is the same. Only the A-type collet should be equipped with A-type nut, B-type collet With type B nut.
Chuck and nut cannot be mixed

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