How to wire the engraving machine spindle inverter

The method of wiring the electric spindle is very simple:
The first step: there is a connector at the back end of the electric spindle. First look carefully at the difference between the 3 core and the 4 core. If it is a 4-core, the inside number is 123, the 3 line, and 4 is the ground line.
The second step: the 3-wire of the connector corresponds to the UVW of the inverter. If the spindle is reversed, you can redeem the 2-wire position.
The third step: the inverter is usually connected to the power supply on the left side.
PID control; advanced calculus PID closed-loop arithmetic, quick responding speed and high suitability;
Easy PLC function can realize 16 legs of speed and inverter control function;
With extremely strong anti-jamming capability Low output ratting torque0.5HZ-150%, low speed running ability;
Carrier adjustable by 16KHZ, completely soundless working environment;

Broad voltage working area, normal running in 304V-456V;
Auto voltage regulation (AVR) technique, for ensuring the inverter load capability;
Various control technique by both synchronization and non-synchronization, dynamically realize fast starting without changing brakes;
With perfect error protection and short circuit starting protection capability;

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