Wood engraving machine dust cover installed there is no need to buy?

When purchasing woodworking engraving machines, the configuration sheets given by the manufacturers generally have the opportunity to woodworking vacuuming. As an option, processing can be done without him. Remuneration woodworking engraving machine manufacturers suggest: vacuum cleaners and other woodworking vacuum cleaners are best installed at the factory, preferably selected.
To make the above choices, the main starting point is two points: one is the maintenance of the engraving machine, and the second is responsible for the health of the operator.
1, when the machine is processed, a lot of dust will be generated. If a large amount of dust is not processed, it will float to various places of the machine, such as rails and gear gaps. Many are not in a position to clean up in time, which creates a hidden danger to the machine. After using the vacuum cleaner, most of the dust damage can be avoided.
2, Although many operators wear masks, a lots of wood chips and powder float in the air. If you donot have to vacuum, the damage to the human body is still great.
Woodworking vacuuming equipment is not expensive. It is better to install it better.

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