How to adjust the height of the CNC lathe tailstock?

tailstock height adjustment

Height adjustment step:
1. Because the structure of the tailstock of the lathe is similar, if the height adjustment is necessary, the gasket has to be added.

2, the left and right skew adjustment is simple, you can adjust the screw left and right.

3. The height adjustment method of the tailstock is to draw a cylinder with the same diameter as the tailstock sleeve on the machine tool, then suck the table of the magnetic watch on the middle carriage, and then measure the height of the workpiece and the tailstock sleeve. Can.

4. Align the dial indicator with the horizontal center of the workpiece and move the heavy carriage to measure the workpiece and the tailstock sleeve to adjust. Finally tighten the left and right screws. If the machine guide rail is used for a long time, it will wear out. If you adjust it, it may be unsuitable for all positions. If the length of the workpiece is long, you need to fine-tune it after commissioning. It is used by a scrap as long as the workpiece you want to machine, and then look at the outer circle. Consider whether there is a taper at both ends, and adjust it slightly according to the actual situation.

5. The selected gasket is not suitable. The thickness has to be adjusted. It can be fitted by grinding the thickness of the gasket or adjusting the tightening strength of the screw.

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