What is the difference between a ball screw and a trapezoidal screw, a linear guide?

Ball screws, trapezoidal screws, and linear guides are generic conventional accessories. The names seem to be similar, but in fact they are completely different between the three, with different working principles, different production requirements, and different occasions of use. Taishang Precision Machinery Xiaobian will introduce the difference between a ball screw and trapezoidal screw and linear guide.

1. The difference between a ball screw and a trapezoidal screw. The difference between a ball screw and a trapezoidal screw is mainly the way the load is carried between the moving surfaces. The ball screw uses recirculating balls to minimize friction and increase efficiency, while the trapezoidal screw utilizes a low coefficient of friction between the sliding surfaces. Therefore, the trapezoidal screw does not reach the efficiency of the ball screw, and the efficiency is equal to about 90% of the ball screw. The fatigue life equation is very reliable within its scope of application. In summary, ball screw and trapezoidal screw have fundamental differences in their application fields because of their differences in their ability to provide for performance and life.

2. The difference between linear guides and ball screws. Ball screw is mainly used for some large-scale machine tools, engraving machines, etc. It is very convenient to convert the rotating motion into linear motion, which is very convenient to use. Thus reducing the wear and tear of the whole equipment in the rotation; the linear guide is very used. Wide range but many types, square four-row high-bead guides are used for some large-scale machine tools, such as surface grinders, slicers, wire cutting, etc.; also because of different working conditions, the linear guides are also different, most suitable for precision measuring instruments Semiconductor manufacturing and inspection equipment, non-standard automated machinery and other precision linear motion applications are important, and it is also important to choose the right guide rail for different equipment.

The “ball screw” that we often hear is actually a ball screw, but the habit is changed, and the name is different. The above is about the difference between the ball screw and the trapezoidal screw, linear guide, in fact, it is not difficult to distinguish the three, look at the introduction of the small series can know how to distinguish, I hope to help everyone.

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