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Difference linear guide and a linear slide

What is the difference between a linear guide and a linear slide?

What is the difference between a linear guide and a linear slide? Many people think that linear guides are the same as straight slides. If you think so, it is not correct. Let’s tell you about the difference between them!

Linear Guides

Both linear guides and linear slides are a component inside the machine that withstands a certain load and achieves high-precision motion under high load conditions. However, linear guides and linear slides are not the same before, and there are still different places.

Linear guides can also be called line rails and linear slides. Linear slides are a type of linear guide. Linear guides can be divided into sliding guides and rolling guides. The sliding guide rail is a direct contact between the guide rail and the slider, and the price is low, the precision is low, and the friction coefficient is large. The rolling guide is equipped with rolling elements (rollers or balls) between the guide rail and the sliding block. The rolling guide has a complicated structure, a relatively high price, a small friction coefficient and high precision.

Applied to various industries, the most important is the machinery and automation industry. The main function is to make repeated linear motions in a given direction, which can be divided into several according to the nature of friction.

Series FSL80
Profile Width(mm) 80
Drive Type Ballscrew
Screw Lead 10mm
Bearing Type Single Square Rail
Motor Type 2-Phase Nema24 Stepper Motor
Effective Travel Length L(mm) 500
Effective Travel Length(inch) 20
Max. Speed(mm/s) 200
Max. Speed(inch/s) 7.87
Normal Load Capacity(kgs) 60
Normal Load Capacity(lbs) 132
Axial Load Capacity(kgs) 20
Axial Load Capacity(lbs) 44

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